January l Second Week l Part 1: 4-string Braid

Posted on: January 16, 2011

A two-part week! When I was about to go to my weekly ukay destination, I remembered the sleeve I left out last week.

Remember me?

I immediately grabbed The Ripper and uncuffed the sleeve.


When I tried it on, it was a wee bit big for me, so I transferred the button.


Did I mention  it was made out of coconut shell? Very Filipino, right? 🙂

Reattaching button

Done! I put it on, but was still not contented.


What to do? Looking at my leftover sleeve, I had my “A-ha!” moment. Grabbed my scissors and started hacking (Step 1).

Cutting up strings

I thought of making a four-string braid which I just learned recently (tried up to an eight-string braid so far). With The Other Guys to keep me company, I went “Left over right, right over left…” (Step 2)

Braiding with The Other Guys

Since the fabric is not elastic, I opted to use automatic to attach it (Step 3).

It's automatic!

I can hear Detective OSO’s co-pilot singing’ “Three special steps, that’s all you need…” (With niece, hence the cartoony reference. 🙂 )

Done! Three special steps, right Detective OSO?

Done! (Again.) Now sporting the two wrist accessories:


Momoy, my niece and bag model, cried that she was not included in the photo op, so we gave her her own share of limelight:

Fine, you can join the pic Momoy. 🙂

Off to (ukay) shop!




3 Responses to "January l Second Week l Part 1: 4-string Braid"

i love the idea for the cuff. very creative. keep up the good work, im excited to see whats next.

Thanks lish! I also have a 6-string braid I made last year. For my next weekly project, you will be seeing it as an accessory. There will be more in the coming weeks I promise. 🙂

[…] and nephew, etc.) Anyway, I remembered Malen (or Bhebe, explanation later) liked my 4-string braid here, so I made her a 6-string braid (sorry, no pics) and a simple hand-embellished Donald Duck […]

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