Snippets From The Past 1: Hallows VS. Horcruxes

Posted on: January 28, 2011

Since I only started this blog at the beginning of the year but have been refashioning for a long time, I decided to launch a new series: Snippets from the Past! I will be showing from time to time those I have made in the past, which, for some, may not come from an “ukay-ukay” item. For my first blast from the former years, I will feature a tee (two tees, in fact) I made in November 2010 for the screening of Harry Potter 7 (enter YAY! from HP fans).

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

These particular tops I made from tank tops I already own and not an ukay find. Since the latest installment of HP focuses on the powers of the Deathly Hallows against Lord Voldemort’s Horcruxes (yeah, I am an HP fan too), I asked myself: why not do one for each? 🙂


Late last year, I have been fixated on different tee prints, and browsing sites, I found a great sketch titled Horcrux Collectors’ Club from Matt Dearden, an illustrator and artist from UK. (And I say a terrific one at that.) You can visit his site here.

The sketch has black background, so I edited it on Paint:

Erase, erase, erase! -Maricel Soriano much? 🙂

I printed it on a transfer paper (costing me 30 PHP – about 0.70 USD per sheet) and ironed it on an old tank top. Result:

Edit. Print. Iron. 3 Little Steps!

Udeng bought advanced tickets a week before, so after office hours we headed over Market! Market! (mall in The Fort, Taguig, Philippines) for our piece of the wizard battle.


We made sure to go early to beat the long lines, so we waited for an hour.

Waiting by Megamind

Udeng waiting...

But the patience paid off! It was great, but a little slow-paced for us who have read the book since they took time to explain the concept of the last installment. Still, a winner!


Turned out our company’s movie night-out was the next day, so I need to charge overtime hours on my clothes-making clock. Opted to represent the last book’s title and channel the master of death. Grabbed my vinyl transfer paper (no time for printing, just cutting) and immediately chopped off, then ironed on yet another old tank top. Result:

Elder wand + Resurrection stone + Invisibility cloak

Turned out I have to finish some audit documentation due for review the next day, so I was not able to join 😦 . However, I still rocked it during my field work.

Rocking it out in the client's ladies' room

What can I say? MISCHIEF MANAGED. 🙂



PS: I learned that the Horcrux sketch was also printed on tees by for public sale, so I asked permission from Matt himself before posting my own creation. For those who wanted to have a Horcrux Collector’s Club tee, you can email Matt Dearden (email address on his site) or you may order directly here (they print on tees, hoodies, and kids’ clothes).

Hallows vs Horcruxes


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