February l First Week l Kawaii hats for Dash and Aia

Posted on: February 7, 2011

Second month! I just got back from my out-of-town audit engagement. (Whew.) I enjoyed last week’s refashioning with Aia (or Momoy to us), my niece, that I said to myself, “Why should I have all the fun?” So for this week, it will all be about my niece and nephew! From two pieces of jackets I snagged for five pesos (USD 0.10) each, I will be making… tentenenen!… kawaii hats! (Which is all the rage nowadays, and can be bought at around 350 to 650 PHP or 8 to 14 USD.)

How cute is today's *groan*-great photo? 🙂

But before our step-by-step transformation, a quick intro about them:

Sleepy Aia and Hyper Dash at the grocery

Dash (or Diding) is my eldest sister’s son (I’m third of four girls, no boys, btw) who adores all versions of Power Rangers as well as Spider-Man and other cartoon superheroes boys his age normally loves. He breakdances, raps and knows all the names of the heroic Autobots and the villainous Decepticons. Just like me, he also draws, and even if all you could see are squiggles and lines, he can tell you a one-hour worth of story relating to that piece of art.

On the other hand, Aia (or Momoy) – my second sister’s – thinks she will become an actress someday (or so her mother believes, and urges us to do the same). She enjoys performing for everyone who would be willing to watch her. And who wouldn’t be? She will give her own version of the themesongs from Dora the Explorer, Little Einsteins, Pororo, Dibo the Gift Dragon, Angelina Ballerina, Timmy Time, and other cartoons from Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. Just remember not to sing along as she’s doing her song-and-dance number, or you will expreience her scorching stare. Nobody steals her spotlight. Hehe. Great is her fixation to these cartoon channels that just recently, she received a pair of slippers looking like monkeys which she named Ooh and Aah – the monkey veejays of Playhouse Disney Channel.

Okay, on with the refashion!

They had a great time doing the *groan* shots that we had a couple more. They kept thinking they were ninjas.

They thought they were ninjas. 🙂

For the kawai hats, Diding specifically requested for a SpiderMan, while Momoy wanted Dora. Too bad for Moy, because we only have green and red fabric. Good thing she forgot her request upon seeing the finished product.

Ding's kawaii hat how-to

This is my first time to make a hat, so I practiced first using newspaper as I ran out of pattern papers. I just reincarnated the Great Spidey by copying his eyes using the pic I had with a life size statue in Bam Benny’s, a great retro/ancient Manila/anything nostalgic diner we discovered when Udeng and I went to Baguio for my last birthday. (See next pic for our tribesmen stunt.) I then pinned the eyes to the half-moon fabrics I run through the sewing machine, and attached them, and sewed the seams. Easy-breezy!

Posing as Baguio's tribe members (Mines View Park)

Baguio City also plays a part in this blog as what I have written in my post explaining the meaning of ukay-ukay (click here to see it), it is their place of origin. And I don’t know why, but they also have the best mango and indian guava as street foods. (I wonder what is the spice they are putting there, but it is delish!)

Okay, now for Momoy’s hat:

Moy's kawaii hat how-to

Since I can’t do a Dora hat, I just made an anime-inspired one. As an inside joke, I just put one tooth on the front because she just lost her front tooth. Now she got a Momoy hat. 🙂 I just arranged the parts on the hat and sewed it on.

Now here is a little experiment which I discovered while taking pics. Some of you might already know it – the “white balance”. Whenever I tried to take a pic of the red hat with the green eyes/mouth (minus white tooth/pupil), the green parts become white on my cam screen. But when I include a white object in the screen, it adjusts to green. Cool huh? I think it has something to do with red and green being on opposite sides of the color wheel. Somebody please confirm. Any photographers here? 🙂

Anyway, here are the “great” shots. I have to shoot them separately owing to their busy scheds, I couldn’t find them at the same time. Here’s some of Aia…


…and another of Dash.

Coincidentally, it matched his shirt. Nice!

You might wonder what happened to the green fabric. Well, I was actually saving it for my own kawaii hat. 🙂 I am planning to make one that looked like Donatello. You know, the purple TMNT. But can’t do because we still have to go to mass and Udeng is already waiting for an hour and I still haven’t started preparing. I promise an update within the week. See you!




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