February l Third Week l Audit Season + Bands : Rushed Ukay

Posted on: February 21, 2011

Oops, got too busy last week, wasn’t able to post, and in a hurry now,  but more of that later.*Groan*-Great! pic:

Slash and stitch!

This is week’s refashion is just my “slash and stitch” creation as I have been busy, owing to the nearing audit season. Also, last week we really have to see Udeng’s favorite band at Phi Club (which belongs to Atoy Co). Manila Beer sponsored three performers (Imago, Rico Blanco, and Callalily) and we had a great time! We even joined at one of the games. We didn’t win, but we got to take home a calendar, pen, and ID lace as consolation prizes. Not bad. But the one that had a really memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experience was Udeng.

With Imago Vox Aia

You see, even during those times that the “in” thing were boy bands and pop artists, he already liked bands: watching gigs, buying EPs, and all that. And his favorite band is Imago. (Click here to see their Facebook page and listen to their music.) So I told him to bring all their albums to be autographed. (Yup, he had them all, and even had to buy the second album again because he lost the first copy.) Upon arriving, we saw Aia, her boyfriend, and Zach (drums) on the lobby. However, Udeng got so shy to approach them so I did.

Issa: Eugene po ilagay ha?

Aia: Asan si boyfriend?

Issa: Nasa loob, nahihiya.

Because a former classmate is Atoy’s bookkeeper, we got a great seat by the bar. In came Aia on the way to the ladies’ room:

Issa (pointing to Udeng): Si Eugene, si Eugene!

Aia (approaching Udeng): Hi boyfriend!

Picture taking. 🙂

Wow, okay, Udeng was really starstrucked! 🙂 And maybe Aia got happy to see their old albums really being kept by someone that she even acknowledged Udeng on the stage after the first song!

All in all, it was a great night. And because we were near the bar where the other artists wait, we had fun taking pics with them on the background.

See Callalily's Kean at the back 🙂

Enough of that, on to the week’s refashion! So as I have said a while back, it is just a simple change, which is what I think I will be doing also in the following weeks.

Step by step

I just cut the traingular seam (which I’m thinking of transforming into a little purse this week, stay tuned!), took off the sleeves (will also be coming back – watch out!), used safety pins to mark the place where I will take it in, and run through the machine. Then I paired it with my trusty cardi and off I went!

The thing I really liked about cardigans are their versatility. From tank tops to businuess formal shirts, I could wear it with one. And also, it is not too thick to be worn outside nor too thin to be worn inside. Hay, great thing that my fave ukay shopping place had them last year during the 5-peso sale. I got at least ten of them. Muahaha!

Okay, just to end this post, I want to show this cat I saw when I went to buy banana cupcakes from our street bakery. It was sleeping comfortably inside the glass case, I couldn’t help laughing:

♫Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur... ♫ Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr, purr, purr... ♫


Have a great week ahead!




2 Responses to "February l Third Week l Audit Season + Bands : Rushed Ukay"

I wish I know how to sew, you make it look so easy! 🙂
I’ll be following your blog from now on! Hurray to us na mga batang laki sa ukay! Hehehe.
saan po pala kayo nag-uukay? 🙂

Thanks for liking my blog! And I am a frustrated photographer, so I guess that makes us even. Haha. Dun ako nag-uukay, malapit samen. Pinaliwanag ko lahat dito. 🙂

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