February l Fourth Week l TGIF (Thank God Issa’s Frugal)

Posted on: February 25, 2011

Today the Philippines is celebrating the 25th  Anniversary of the EDSA I where Filipinos used “bloodless revolution” to regain freedom. It is therefore the best time to voice out statements (on my refashion) and show gender equality (side story).


The idea for this week’s refashion came from Udeng, who saw last week a shirt with this print. Ever the copycat 🙂 I also wanted one. As you can see in my first SFTP (Snippets From The Past) here, I became fixated to self-made shirts late last year. At first I had them customized until I discovered iron-on transfer paper, but discovered they tend to get crisp overtime. Vinyl iron-on transfer sheet is better because it is longer-lasting, so that is what I used for this piece.

How To Part I: Cutting with Momoy

What I did was printed out letters to serve as guide in cutting the vinyl. All in all, the preparation of the letters to be ironed took about an hour. Whew. Anyway, wanted you to see the one I’m wearing here. Another close up:

ArtWork's Duhat

Another buy from ArtWork. NOTE: I bought this on my birthday last year when Udeng and I went to Baguio. I haven’t bought a single article of NEW clothing ever since. 🙂 No, it does not say Dubai, it says DUHAT. For the uninformed, it is a tropical fruit found (only?) in the Philippines which has a similarity with, but entirely not like, the grapes. I don’t know its english term, but I found this article/study about it. Duhat brings back a ton of nostalgic childhood memories of skinned knees and lifetime friendships, that is why this top is special to me.

How To Part II: Laying Out

Back to the refashion! I then laid the letters on a tank top, ironed it under a paper at first so as to avoid the letters getting out of position. When I thought it sticked okay, I remove the paper and ironed for about 5 minutes more. Finally I peeled off the plastic and we’re done!

Now my top reads: “Buti na lang Sabado bukas.” (Good thing tomorrow’s Saturday.) Perfect attire for a Friday, no? Reminds me of the notice found at one of the Partners’ office: Hang on ’til Friday!


This coming March, MMDA (Metropolitan Manila Development Authority) will deploy the first batch of (31) female drivers. (Click here for complete story.) Girl power at work. 🙂 Just an additional occupation to add to the list that used to be “For Men” only. We women have certainly come a long way from being domesticated. Hah! But on the other hand, my usual retort, “Eh kami nakakapag-pantalon, nakakapag-palda ba kayo?” (“We can wear pants, can you wear skirts?”) to men is no longer applicable, as Showtime’s first Grand Champion XB GenSan not only showed great dancing skills and death-defying stunts, but also the fact that aside from wearing pink, real men can also wear skirts. Oh well.

XB GenSan: First Showtime! Grand Champion

Today, in a nutshell, is a day of achievements. I want to end this post by an excerpt from Hector Villanueva’s article in Manila Bulletin, EDSA Forever:

Indeed, the peaceful People Power of EDSA-I is the legacy the Filipinos have bequeathed to the rest of the world. Wherever oppression and tyranny exist, and whenever the freedom of speech and mobility is suppressed or curtailed, it is gratifying to know that the Philippines did it first, and succeeded.

Hay. Feels good to be Pinoy. 🙂



PS: I am really enjoying making these tees that I am planning to enroll in TESDA Women’s Center this coming slack season for night classes on Silk Screen Printing. I am planning on having customized tees as side business. 🙂 Anyway, I am smelling a tea party next week. Stay tuned!


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