March l First Week l Part 2 of 3: (Bhebe/The Bar/Birth) Day!

Posted on: March 9, 2011

As I said on my last post, my cousin Bhebe’s birthday (as well as my sister’s) was on 6th of March, but she opted to have a party on Saturday (5th). First on agenda: party top!

The thing is, this past two months I haven’t been able to buy during the 5-peso sale of my fave ukay joint. It seemed that they were always having their “Everything must go” sales on a weekday. For two instances now, I will be watching and guarding the signs: 20% off, 50% off, everything Php100, everything Php50, Php20, and so on, only to find when I go the next Saturday, sure that it will be the 5-peso rumble, a sign that reads: “NEW ARRIVALS”. Ugh.

The good thing was I now find myself stretching my imagination for those items buried in my “pending box” which were bought last year. Just like this one:


From sack to "snap!"


*Groan* garment not worn as I have already cut it before storing for the long-term. Hehe. Anyway, see the great print? I was having second-thoughts about transforming it into a top. My other option is to make a really great tote bag with it. But party’s coming, and with that print, nothing can go wrong. (Oops, I was wrong. Something did go wrong. More later.)


Sew, braid, pin, and attach


Procedures! I pinned the sides to fit. (Since I have yet to buy a pin cushion mannequin, I just wear it inside out and pin on desired fit. Could be a challenging feat sometimes.) Then I run it through the machine. From the excess side fabric, I started a 6-string braid, planning on a straight two-strap, but realized halfway that I cut way too short, so I just made a racerback-like design. It turned out prettier than I originally planned. πŸ™‚ I pinned the straps and run through the high-speed sewing machine, as well as the seams. Done!


Mindoro bag (reminds me that summer is NEAR!)


Because March means April and May are coming, I opted to use my Mindoro bag to remind me of the beaches back home in our province. Haay…


With birthday girl Bhebe


Even if the cousins are not complete, I still had fun. The evening was a little chilly, but it would be fun to note that my piece used to be a sweater, so I wasn’t a bit cold. Well, except for the arm area, but after two or three shots of The Bar Silver, I didn’t feel the difference. Which reminds me, that “tea party” I was talking about last week? Postponed until I can get my hands on some 5-peso merchandise. Today’s everything Php50. Please, please, let it be this weekend.





2 Responses to "March l First Week l Part 2 of 3: (Bhebe/The Bar/Birth) Day!"

i love this top it is soo cute!!! i have been wondering how to do a racerback tank top for a while now…and after reading this i can πŸ™‚

Thanks for subscribing to this blog, and it’s nice that you learned something. πŸ™‚ Keep on following!

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