March l First Week l Part 3 of 3 (Whew!): Kishalyn Mary Asa Arriola

Posted on: March 9, 2011

March 6th, Sunday! Three birthdays and a Christening. Still a little groggy from Saturday’s fun, I prepped for sharing a special moment with college buddies Rowie and Lelek, whose baby Kisha will be christened. Good thing I already finished my refashion a day before, because that The Bar Silver really got into me. 🙂

Groan Great

Okay, this is the third part for this week’s refashion, and it’s already 3am, so just a minute to recharge…


OKAY! Where were we? Right, Kisha day. Remember that it is also Ate Myzel Day, so before going to church in time for the ceremony, Udeng and I went to Ate’s house for a little lechong kawali, a little chopsuey, a little vegetable salad, and a little steamed tilapia. All resulting in a big stomach. Hehe. Good thing the day’s refashion is a little flowy and roomy to hide my fully-packed stomach. Truly, perfect wear for parties where you are sure to have a food binge. Or in eat-all-you-can buffets, which we (with Udeng) are fond of. 🙂

Cut, sew and braid

HOW TO steps: I just cut all excess fabric in the neckline, sleeves and seam. Too much of everything going on. However, it seemed cute if I were to play with nieces and imitate Sarah, the Little Princess. As it so happened, Momoy only likes talking dinosaurs who sings about love (Barney) or loves to give a gift (Dibo). So on with the hacking!

Because I cut the seam, I also have to cut the lining underneath, which turned out to be a stretchable fabric, so I just cut it threeways and made a regular braid. I used this as a belt/waist band to give shape to my new top. Ta-da! New garment in less than 15 minutes.

Off to eat and party! (We still ate at Kisha’s even if we just ate at Ate’s. We’re matakaw like that.)

Kisha - Most beautiful girl in the world (Bible says so)

How cute is Kisha? 🙂 She was so adorable we took turns holding her. I mean, they took turns. I was so afraid to hold her because she’s so tiny.

"Windy" effect with Udeng

Udeng is blurry here, but I just liked the way my hair was here.

College buddies

We are all busy with work and whatnots, but it felt great to be with my college classmates once in a while. Makes you feel that everything’s all right again with the world. No worries, because worse comes to worst, there is always a seatmate who will share the answers. 🙂

Will end this post by a family picture. This will be great when Kisha grows up. Too bad we always move when I was growing up, I lost all my childhood pics. Oh well. 🙂

Kiss kiss from Mom & Dad 🙂




2 Responses to "March l First Week l Part 3 of 3 (Whew!): Kishalyn Mary Asa Arriola"

Came here from nice Blogsite here, Issa 🙂

Thanks Red. Good luck to our real estate ventures. 🙂

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