March l Second Week l Azkals much?

Posted on: March 19, 2011

I got sick (and still am) so I just posted last week’s creation today (sorry Lys). Anyway, great news for me – I found a new ukay store with 5-peso sale!! Woohoo! More of that later, groan-great pic first:

"Basta na"

As I was saying, seems like my old fave store doesn’t have too much stock to get rid off as it’s been months since they had 5-peso sales but no worries, I have found a store in Pembo (Makati Phils.) that ALWAYS holds a sale on their second floor. Check this out:

I now declare today as the 5-peso Day!

Of course, I bought enough to last me until the next 5-peso sale. Not much, just at least 20 pieces. 🙂 Not only that, I found this for Php15. What a great gift for Diding who will be graduating from Day Care (who received the Best in Story-Telling Award):

Happy Graduation Dashkikoy!

I just cut a ribbon from colored paper as his award. Cute!

Okay, back to the refashion. I found this XL shirt and thought I might as well ride the Azkals bandwagon, although personally, I’m not really a fan. Sorry, but I believe it would be better if they were pure Filipinos. I know, I know, sorry hardcore fans, and I know they are really great, but they felt more like imports with a drop of Filipino blood in them. Seriously, all interviews I have seen were made by slang-speaking ball-kickers who are starting to slowly made their niches in our local show business. Same old story – athletes turned actors, actors turned politicians, politicians turned t-shirt logos. But still, right? So here it is:

How to pics

As I do not have the energy to create a new piece, I wanted this to be my I-don’t-care garment. In Filipino, “Basta na.” And I have been waiting to incorporate my little gold safety pins in my clothes. 🙂 See the hole on the first pic? I just used pins to create a flower-y effect. I used another pin to gather the sleeves at the neckline and just sew (third pic) the edges of the neckline with some line designs. I cut the seam because I want all edges to be raw. Done! Go Azkals!




4 Responses to "March l Second Week l Azkals much?"

the transformation was reallly greaaat! 🙂

I really like this top! you made an amazing transformation.

Thanks! And for just five bucks right? 🙂

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