March l Third Week l Oh my Armani!

Posted on: March 19, 2011

Five-peso sale last week! And what is included there but a tattered, used-to-be-white Emporio Armani shirt!




Off course, there was no way I would know if it is real as I have never owned one, but checked the tags and all, and looks real enough for me. (Please don’t burst my bubble.)


Checked the tag to make sure


I initially wanted to make a tank from it, but then countered the fact that I may grow bigger and will not be able to wear it anymore, so I decided to make a timeless piece instead: a satchel. πŸ™‚ I like saying satchel, it reminds me of Eugene “Flynn Ryder” from Tangled. Oh how I love Zachary Levi! Not only can he act and sing, he also has a computer for a mind. Oops, that is Chuck, but he portrays him, doesn’t he? And he’s like BBT’s Sheldon. πŸ™‚ I like nerds (as I am one) and just like a Glee original song says, “Throw all the dirt… I’ll see you when you’re washing my car.” REVENGE OF THE NERDS!

Now I’m going off-point again.


How to pics


For this week I just turned it inside out, traced the print and hand sewn it for the meantime (I made it at night and will just run through the machine in the morning). I then cut the fabric on the side and used my grandfather’s special roping technique to make the strap and pinned (will attach in the morning also). Finished!


Armani satchel


This is my latest fave bag. Don’t care if it is real or not.

Will end with the song from Plants versus Zombies music video. (Udeng finished the game.)

β™«There’s a zombie on your lawn

There’s a zombie on your lawn

There’s a zombie on your lawn

We don’t want zombies on the lawn…β™«





2 Responses to "March l Third Week l Oh my Armani!"

You are so clever! You have a great imagination for turning “what not to wear” into “the thing to wear.” I really enjoy reading your blog.

Wow, thanks! πŸ™‚

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