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Five-peso sale last week! And what is included there but a tattered, used-to-be-white Emporio Armani shirt!




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I got sick (and still am) so I just posted last week’s creation today (sorry Lys). Anyway, great news for me – I found a new ukay store with 5-peso sale!! Woohoo! More of that later, groan-great pic first:

"Basta na"

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March 6th, Sunday! Three birthdays and a Christening. Still a little groggy from Saturday’s fun, I prepped for sharing a special moment with college buddies Rowie and Lelek, whose baby Kisha will be christened. Good thing I already finished my refashion a day before, because that The Bar Silver really got into me. 🙂

Groan Great

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As I said on my last post, my cousin Bhebe’s birthday (as well as my sister’s) was on 6th of March, but she opted to have a party on Saturday (5th). First on agenda: party top!

The thing is, this past two months I haven’t been able to buy during the 5-peso sale of my fave ukay joint. It seemed that they were always having their “Everything must go” sales on a weekday. For two instances now, I will be watching and guarding the signs: 20% off, 50% off, everything Php100, everything Php50, Php20, and so on, only to find when I go the next Saturday, sure that it will be the 5-peso rumble, a sign that reads: “NEW ARRIVALS”. Ugh.

The good thing was I now find myself stretching my imagination for those items buried in my “pending box” which were bought last year. Just like this one:


From sack to "snap!"


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March 6 marks the birthday of three family members: my sister Ate Myzel and cousins Malen and Rica. (Our extended family shares many birthdays – mine coincides with my nephews, Mama and a cousin, an uncle and another cousin, brother-in-law and nephew, etc.) Anyway, I remembered Malen (or Bhebe, explanation later) liked my 4-string braid here, so I made her a 6-string braid (sorry, no pics) and a simple hand-embellished Donald Duck bag.

Birthday Bhebe with Donald Bag and 6-string braid

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I will make this short. I just want to share this new project by Bo Sanchez, the Preacher in Blue Jeans. This is called God Whispers, which I really, really enjoyed reading everyday. I could mention a lot of good things about it, but why not let Bo tell you in his own words?

How could something as simple as GodWhispers change your life? Here’s why: Your beliefs are very powerful. Your beliefs are so powerful, they determine your whole destiny. And from my experience, two of the most important beliefs that determine your destiny are beliefs about who you are and who God is. These two crucial beliefs—(1) who you think you are and (2) who you think God is—will shape your entire future. Trust me, your happiness and success in life depends on these two beliefs! Everyday, I want you to receive GodWhispers. Through GodWhispers, you’ll meet a different kind of God. A God who will tell you how much He loves you and how wonderful you are. Through GodWhispers, you’ll bombard your mind, especially your subconscious, about this God who doesn’t focus on what’s wrong with you but what’s right with you. And through the power of repetition, your beliefs will change. About God. About yourself. It will be beautiful.

Here is a sample I received last month:

Sample of God Whispers

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Today the Philippines is celebrating the 25th  Anniversary of the EDSA I where Filipinos used “bloodless revolution” to regain freedom. It is therefore the best time to voice out statements (on my refashion) and show gender equality (side story).


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