Just a short post for today’s snippet as I do not have a *groan* pic:


nerd vest for a certified nerd ūüôā


This brown vest used to be a turtle neck which I just removed (and became Momoy’s micro mini) and cut a V-neck. A bargain at Php5!





Oops, got too busy last week, wasn’t able to post, and in a hurry now,¬† but more of that later.*Groan*-Great! pic:

Slash and stitch!

This is week’s refashion is just my “slash and stitch” creation as¬†I have been busy, owing to the nearing audit season. Also, last week we really have to see Udeng’s¬†favorite band at Phi Club (which belongs to Atoy¬†Co). Manila Beer sponsored three performers (Imago, Rico Blanco, and Callalily) and we had a great time! We even¬†joined at one of the games. We didn’t win, but we got to take home a calendar, pen, and ID lace as consolation prizes. Not bad. But the one that had a really memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experience was Udeng.

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Second month! I just got back from my out-of-town audit engagement. (Whew.) I enjoyed last week’s refashioning¬†with Aia¬†(or Momoy¬†to us), my niece, that I said to myself, “Why should I have all the fun?” So for this week, it will all be about my niece and nephew! From two pieces of jackets I snagged for five pesos (USD 0.10) each, I will be making… tentenenen!… kawaii¬†hats! (Which is all the rage nowadays, and can be bought at around 350 to 650 PHP or¬†8 to 14 USD.)

How cute is today's *groan*-great photo? ūüôā

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Last night I have to finish an audit documentation and was able to sleep at 4am. Ugh. Just found this vid summing up our life. So hilarious! Watch this “Under the Sea” parody specially dedicated for auditors like us. Enjoy!


Kung Hei Fat Choi! ūüôā First month down, eleven more to go! Last week, my co-PCC-JPIAn¬†(Pasig¬†Catholic College-Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants) Allysa¬†(Pretty Lilay¬†to her) helped promote my new blog. She told me she was inspired to continue her own passion – making accessories – because of my blog, so I promised her I would dedicate this week’s refashion to her.

First, to those of you with a really, really bad internet connection, I’m feeling you. That is why starting this week, I will make it a point to limit my how-to pics to 10 per transformation. See this week’s *groan*-great! pic:

*groan* to great! (with niece)

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Since I only started this blog at the beginning of the year but have been refashioning¬†for a long time, I decided to launch a new series: Snippets from the Past! I will be showing from time to time those I have made in the past, which, for some, may not come from an “ukay-ukay” item. For my first blast from the former years, I will feature a tee (two tees, in fact) I made in November¬†2010¬†for the screening of Harry Potter 7 (enter YAY! from HP fans).

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

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Hi guys! I just made a button for this blog.
Ukay Fine Whatever

To copy this button to your own sites, copy this code:

<a href=”” title=”Ukay Fine Whatever”><img¬†src=”” width=”150″ height=”150″ border=”0″ alt=”Ukay Fine Whatever” /></a>

Don’t forget to leave me a note if you did copy. Thanks and see you in my next week’s transformations!



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