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I just learned from NBC that there will be a 13th Zodiac and from being a Libra, I am now a Virgo. Here I am thinking all my life that I am diplomatic, romantic, idealistic and sociable. I took joy in thinking that I am a mediator. Now I am modest, shy, meticulous, analytical. All traits were off (except for being an analytical, I guess).  Good thing that the only horoscope updates I am currently subscribed to is the funny horoscopes. You know, the one where they say “Libra: be careful of manholes, you may find yourself into the deep.” What happened to the “Everyone has one thing in common: they are all different”? But all that being said, it sure will be cool being an Ophiucus. 🙂

Enough of horoscopes, let’s go to transformations. Good news (for me), it is a 10-peso day! (Note to self: take a pic of sale sign on the next visit.)

Last week when I found a cute checkered blouse, Udeng told me, “But you have a lot of those.” (My mother works for a multi-national garment firm. Upon thinking about it, however, I reasoned, “Yes, but you can’t just hack up a TNF shirt.” Also, the design I’m thinking about requires just that and a pair of jeans. So I went back and got these:

Off to the ricefields?

My youngest sister took this *groan* picture, and laughing, she asked me, “Papunta ka nang palayan?” (“You off to the ricefields?”). Hopefully I will not get the same question after I am done with it. Read the rest of this entry »


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