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March 6th, Sunday! Three birthdays and a Christening. Still a little groggy from Saturday’s fun, I prepped for sharing a special moment with college buddies Rowie and Lelek, whose baby Kisha will be christened. Good thing I already finished my refashion a day before, because that The Bar Silver really got into me. ūüôā

Groan Great

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Kung Hei Fat Choi! ūüôā First month down, eleven more to go! Last week, my co-PCC-JPIAn¬†(Pasig¬†Catholic College-Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants) Allysa¬†(Pretty Lilay¬†to her) helped promote my new blog. She told me she was inspired to continue her own passion – making accessories – because of my blog, so I promised her I would dedicate this week’s refashion to her.

First, to those of you with a really, really bad internet connection, I’m feeling you. That is why starting this week, I will make it a point to limit my how-to pics to 10 per transformation. See this week’s *groan*-great! pic:

*groan* to great! (with niece)

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Time for the weekly transformation! But first, remember the short/top I created last week? (Click here to see it.) Just yesterday, I noticed there was something in the back pocket, and inspecting, I found this:

0.10 yuan

According to my research (Thank you Wikipedia!), it is a fourth-series renminbi. Renminbi or yuan is the legal tender of the People’s Republic of China issued by the People’s Bank of China. Now I have an idea where that pair of jeans came from. ūüôā

Now for this week, we will have¬†it simple and fast, so I decided to make two. Isn’t that great? However¬†since last week was a ten-buck day, I kind of expected items to be pricier this week, and oh how correct I am. ūüė¶ It was a “new arrival” day, and Udeng¬†found a Nike windbreaker¬†for PHP200. For me, I found this for PHP80:

lacy much?

It has a great slightly-dirty¬†look to it, but very reminiscent of MMFF 2010’s Rosario, don’t you think? Lace in the neckline, shoulders, sleeve, and bustline! Lacy much? Read the rest of this entry »

Time for the first creation of the year! (See¬†personal blog¬†or Facebook photo album¬†for other creations.)¬†Best timing also, as we (with special someone)¬†are celebrating our monthsary today. Yes, even after four years, we still do that. I guess we’re mushy that way. So, as a treat, I let him pick the *groan* garment. Here it is:

The ukay find (found by Udeng)

UPDATE: I paid Php35 for this item. ūüôā Read the rest of this entry »

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