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I, Issa of Ukay, Fine Whatever! , pledge to join the Henthorne Handmade 52 Week Wardrobe Refashioning Project by turning to my refashioning skills and turning old and boring into new and exciting. I am happy to be part of the 52 Week Wardrobe Community where we can encourage and inspire one another to be green, frugal and creative.
I have read through and agree to follow the rules and understand their purposes. I further pledge to at least contribute inspirational goodness once a month (or more.) And to show fellow contributors the same courtesy I would like to receive from them.  Including sharing my positive thoughts in comments.
Issa of Ukay, Fine Whatever!

52 Week Wardrobe Refashioning Community Blog

Time for the weekly transformation! But first, remember the short/top I created last week? (Click here to see it.) Just yesterday, I noticed there was something in the back pocket, and inspecting, I found this:

0.10 yuan

According to my research (Thank you Wikipedia!), it is a fourth-series renminbi. Renminbi or yuan is the legal tender of the People’s Republic of China issued by the People’s Bank of China. Now I have an idea where that pair of jeans came from. 🙂

Now for this week, we will have it simple and fast, so I decided to make two. Isn’t that great? However since last week was a ten-buck day, I kind of expected items to be pricier this week, and oh how correct I am. 😦 It was a “new arrival” day, and Udeng found a Nike windbreaker for PHP200. For me, I found this for PHP80:

lacy much?

It has a great slightly-dirty look to it, but very reminiscent of MMFF 2010’s Rosario, don’t you think? Lace in the neckline, shoulders, sleeve, and bustline! Lacy much? Read the rest of this entry »

I just learned from NBC that there will be a 13th Zodiac and from being a Libra, I am now a Virgo. Here I am thinking all my life that I am diplomatic, romantic, idealistic and sociable. I took joy in thinking that I am a mediator. Now I am modest, shy, meticulous, analytical. All traits were off (except for being an analytical, I guess).  Good thing that the only horoscope updates I am currently subscribed to is the funny horoscopes. You know, the one where they say “Libra: be careful of manholes, you may find yourself into the deep.” What happened to the “Everyone has one thing in common: they are all different”? But all that being said, it sure will be cool being an Ophiucus. 🙂

Enough of horoscopes, let’s go to transformations. Good news (for me), it is a 10-peso day! (Note to self: take a pic of sale sign on the next visit.)

Last week when I found a cute checkered blouse, Udeng told me, “But you have a lot of those.” (My mother works for a multi-national garment firm. Upon thinking about it, however, I reasoned, “Yes, but you can’t just hack up a TNF shirt.” Also, the design I’m thinking about requires just that and a pair of jeans. So I went back and got these:

Off to the ricefields?

My youngest sister took this *groan* picture, and laughing, she asked me, “Papunta ka nang palayan?” (“You off to the ricefields?”). Hopefully I will not get the same question after I am done with it. Read the rest of this entry »

A two-part week! When I was about to go to my weekly ukay destination, I remembered the sleeve I left out last week.

Remember me?

Read the rest of this entry »

Time for the first creation of the year! (See personal blog or Facebook photo album for other creations.) Best timing also, as we (with special someone) are celebrating our monthsary today. Yes, even after four years, we still do that. I guess we’re mushy that way. So, as a treat, I let him pick the *groan* garment. Here it is:

The ukay find (found by Udeng)

UPDATE: I paid Php35 for this item. 🙂 Read the rest of this entry »

If you are one of those who have been to the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio City, then you are already aware of this growing culture known as ukay-ukay. From the term “halukay” which means to dig up or sift through, ukay-ukay is the act of digging up from a pile of discounted clothes (some of it branded) such as shirts, blouses, skirts, dresses and pants, or pieces of accessories (bags, shoes, stuffed toys, belts), or linen (blankets, tablecloths, bed sheets, pillowcases, towels).

Ukay-ukay stalls are the Philippines’ equivalent of the Goodwill stores in the US. In the early 1980s when calamities frequented the Philippines, some humanitarian organizations would send second-hand garments and other goods to the refugees and victims. Soon enough, the shipped goods, upon piling up, were bought in bulk by traders and sold to the public at rock bottom prices. They used to market it to the low-income bracket, but when its popularity sky-rocketed, even those well-off but budget-conscious Filipinos started sifting through piles of clothes in search of signature brands. Discovering a great piece takes time, but your patience pays off once you get that prized find. And before you know it, you are addicted to the “ukay adventure.”

I have been visiting numerous ukay-ukay places within the vicinity of our home, but my favorite is the one near Jollibee Pateros, where their tagline says “Where fashion is recreated.” Literally, right? Being a regular “digger,” I perfected their cycle. First, they will post a sign saying “New Arrivals” which means most possibly, there will still be branded goods ready for the picking, with a price-range of Php100 to Php250 (about 2 to 6 USD). In a day or two, when the best ones were cleared, they will post a sign saying, “All Items @ Php50!” About a week after, it will become “3 for Php100!”, and then “All Items @ Php20!” until it becomes “All Items @ Php5!” The all-items-at-five-pesos sale is only for a day, and by this time I learned that a new shipment will be coming the next day, so they are clearing up space for new garments. Basically, the whole cycle lasts for about a month.

My targeted days are those with new arrival and the five-peso-sale, the first one in search of branded items and the second for those I can “transform,” so I am mostly in search of good fabrics or embellishments.

In my next post: first transformation for the year!



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