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So, new year! New resolutions (not to be broken, I hope), new goals and new perspective in life. Truly, tabula rasa, so to speak. New chances – to find friends, learn things, and discover life. And of course, new blog!

First off, a preview of yours truly. I am a Certified Public Accountant by profession but an ukay-ukay haggler and designer by passion. Almost a third of my wardrobe came from transformed ukay finds. I used to post my creations in my blog or show photos in my Facebook photo album, but nearing the end of 2010, I wondered, “Why not make a blog entirely dedicated to my transformations?” So here it is my friends – ukay, fine whatever!

I will be showing you, in my weekly post, new creations – from blah to beautiful, from *groan* to great! This is my own share of helping Mother Earth – by recycling pre-loved clothes into something more wearable.

But what is an ukay-ukay? Find out on my next post!




CPA by profession, Ukay-ukay transformer by passion. :) Click this and like my Facebook page

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